Team DFR


Name: Dr. K.V. Prasad
Designation: Director
Telephone/Mob.: 020-25537025 / 9868149259
Email: Directordfr@gmail.com, director.dfr@ icar.gov.in
Scientific Staff
Name: Dr. P. Naveen Kumar
Designation: Principal Scientist (Hort-Floriculture)
Telephone : 020 25537024
Mob.: +91 8985009685
Email: P.Naveen@icar.gov.in, naveeniari@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Narendra A. Gajbhiye
Designation: Principal Scientist (Organic Chemistry)
Telephone.: 020-25537025 (ext 14)
Mob.: 8141098842
Email: narendra.gajbhiye@icar.gov.in
Name: Dr. Prashant G. Kawar
Designation: Principal Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(Extn. No. 14)
Mob.: 8894429110
Email: pkawar@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Tarak Nath Saha
Designation: Senior Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 24)
Mob.: 9968014034
Email: tnsaha@gmail.com  or Tarak.Saha@icar.gov.in
Name: Dr Dnyaneshwar Madhukar Firake
Designation: Senior Scientist (Agricultural Entomology)
Telephone :
Mob.: 09402195450
Email: dfirake@gmail.com  or dnyaneshwar.firake@icar.gov.in
Name: Dr. Kiran P. Bhagat
Designation: Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology)
Telephone : 020-25537025 (Extn. No. 26)
Mob.: 9545540591
Email: kiran.bhagat@icar.gov.in
Name: Dr.(Mrs.) Prabha. K.
Designation: Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 16)
Mob.: 9403351653
Email: Prabhapath.k@gmail.com   or Prabha.K@icar.gov.in
Name: Mr. Girish K.S.
Designation: Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 15)
Email: girishchakra@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Ganesh B Kadam
Designation: Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 17)
Mob.: 8793115277
Email: ganeshiari@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Sanjay Vasant Kad
Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Extension)
Telephone :
Mob.: 7988153714
Email: kad.sanjay@icar.gov.in / sanjayndri@gmail.com
Name: Dr. S. Prashant Jeevan Kumar
Designation: Scientist (Agricultural Biotechnology)
Telephone :
Mob.: +91 7839038085
Email: jeevan.kumar@icar.gov.in
Name:Er. Rahual Subhash Yadav
Designation: Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 18)
Mob.: 9464852681
Email: Rahulyadav.iari@gamil.com
Name: Dr.(Mrs.) Shilpashree K.G.
Designation: Scientist
Telephone/Mob.: 9902776408
Email: shilpa.kgs@gmail.com
Name: Mr. Harish D
Designation: Scientist
Telephone : (020)25537024
Mob.: 9110480628
Email: harish.d@icar.gov.in, harishd0020@gmail.com
Technical Staff
Name: Ms. Jadhav Pritam Ramesh
Designation: Technical Assistant (T-3)
Telephone/ Mob : 8237626589

Email: prj.jadhav@gmail.com
Name: Poornima Gaikwad
Designation:Technical Assistant (T-3)
Telephone/Mob : 9987271215
Regional Station, Vemagiri
Name: Dr. V. S. Raju Dantuluri
Designation: Principal Scientist
Mob.: 09899632980
Email: rajivalex@gmail.com
Name: Dr.(Mrs.) SirishaTadigiri
Designation: Scientist (Nematology)
Mob.: 7701940645
Email: Sirisha.Tadigiri@icar.gov.in
Name: Dr. S. Madhavan
Designation: Scientist
Mob.: 9688314800
Email: madhavan.srinivasan@icar.gov.in
Administrative Staff
Name: Srikant Wange
Designation: Administrative Officer
Telephone.:020-25537025 (Extn. No. 30)
Mob.: 9420107092
Email: Srikant.wange@icar.gov.in
Name: Vijaya A Bhumkar
Designation: Finance & Accounts Officer
Telephone.:020-25537025 (Extn. No. 24)
Mob.: 9881936158
Email: hof.dfr@icar.gov.in
Name: Mr. Shri. J.R. Mangale
Designation: AFAO
Mob.: 8628944785
Email: afao.dfr@icar.gov.in
Name: Mr. Deepak Verma
Designation: Assistant Administrative Officer
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 12)
Mob.: 8285639978
Email: Deepak.Verma@icar.gov.in
Name: Mr. Rupesh Kumar Pathak
Designation: ​Assistant Administrative Officer
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 12)
Mob.: 9015547217
Email: Rupesh.Pathak@icar.gov.in
Name: Mr. Mahadev Bapu Walke
Designation: Assistant
Telephone : (020)25537024(ext 12)
Mob.: 7766905148
Email: Mahadev.Walke@icar.gov.in
Name: Ram. A .Shinde
Designation:  UDC
Mob.: 9082224705
Email: Ram.shinde@icar.gov.in

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ICAR-Directorate of Floricultural Research,
College of Agriculture Campus Shivajinagar,
Pune 411 005,
Phone: (020)25537024
Email: aodfr@yahoo.com, ao.dfr@icar.gov.in

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